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Slip Cases, Clam Shell Box, Presentation Box, Mailing cartons.

Paperback Options

Most paperback books (soft cover), magazines, booklets, and catalogs require a heavier paper  then that is used for the interior pages. Below is a list of standard cover weight papers used for the book covers. (There are many  other papers weight and types available from which to choose)

80lb Cover Gloss

308 PPI, 96 Opacity FSC Certified

80lb Cover Matte

224 PPI, 96 Opacity FSC Certified

100lb Cover Gloss

248 PPI, 96 Opacity FSC Certified

100lb Cover Matte

202 PPI, 96 Opacity FSC Certified

12pt Coated 2 Side

167 PPI, 96 Opacity FSC Certified

12pt Coated 1 Side

167 PPI, 96 Opacity FSC Certified

Hardcover Material Options

Hardcover book covers are normally made with grey board that is wrapped with either printed paper or a material such as linen, synthetic cloth, real leather, or bonded, just to name a few. Many special-made papers or materials are available, and we will work with you to make sure you get the look & feel you need.

Printed Paper Wrapped Cover

Linen Cloth Wrapped Cover

End Sheet Paper Options

Most, if not all, hardcover books have what we call “end sheets”. This is the paper that is glued to the front and the back of the inside covers. It is usually a heavy uncoated sheet because these are normally stronger, less apt to tear, and holds the glue better to the board so that it will hold the interior pages (text block) to the cover. They maintain the integrity of the book.

To the right is a list of some standard end sheet papers.

Please note: They may be printed, not printed (blank), or can be colored paper. This will depend on the look and feel that you want to give the book.

Printed Paper End Sheet

No Print End Sheet

Colored Paper End Sheet

Binding Options

(Please note that below is a general list of standard products, for custom work please make request)


Hard Cover  (Photo)

Soft Cover  (Photo)

Printed Cover

Printed cover with Jacket

Linen Cloth cover

Synthetic cloth

Special paper/ material

Leather/ bonded leather

Perfect bound

Limp Bound (sewn soft cover)

PUR Glue- ( very strong hold)

Wire-0 Binding ( Photo)  Hard or Soft Cover


Partially concealed

Spiral Bound ( plastic or wire) Photo

Saddle  Stitch

Interior Text Pages - Paper Options

50lb Natural

500 PPI, 92 Opacity, SFI certified

60lb Natural

420 PPI, 94 Opaque, SFI Certified

60lb Opaque

420 PPI, 93 Opacity, SFI Certified

60lb Gloss

690 PPI, 91 Opacity, SFI Certified

80lb Gloss

455 PPI, 95 Opacity, SFI Certified

100lb Matte

378 PPI, 95 Opacity, FSC Certified

100lb Gloss

446 PPI, 95 Opacity, FSC Certified

Hardcover Jackets

Jackets are protective covers that are made of papers and materials that may or not be printed and also may have many special effects, such as embossing, foil, Spot UV, full UV or lamination in either gloss or matte. They not only are protective but also serve as eye catchers to make the book look really attractive. Normally the papers are text weight papers. There are standard Jackets or what we call French Jackets that are more expensive but a much better option that will last longer.

Standard Jacket

French Jacket

(notice the fold over, adds strength)

Finishing/Packaging Options

There are many ways to package and finish a book. Here are a few common options for you to consider when you want to make a stronger presentation and add perceived value to your book.

Slip Cases:

These can be hard cover-slip cases made with printed-paper or material.

Clam Shell Boxes:

Linen covered Clamshell box with printed liner, pockets, ribbons and magnet shut.

Mailing Cartons

If you will need to mail your books you may consider having a mailing carton made to fit. We can save you the trouble and also insert the book prior to shipping for you. We can make and print directly on the box or we can create a printed sticker to save you some cost. The mailing cartons are made with bumpers to protect your book while being shipped.

Printed Mailing Carton

Mailing Carton With Printed Sticker

Special Effects & Options

There are many effects that you can make for your covers and or Jackets, below are a few of the more common options:


How well the  impressed images appears will depend on the right paper choice, and the background colors being used.

Foil Stamping

There are many colors available including 3d and holographic materials. You can combine effects as well ( emboss + foil etc..)

Standard Foil Colors:

Holographic Colors:

Spot UV

This is a spot UV ( selected areas have a UV coating only) see photo.

The other option would be to do a full UV, another words the entire area would be covered with UV coating.


Lamination is glossy film laminate or a matte film laminate that is applied on top of the paper so that it protects the paper from damage and also helps to prevent cracks. The gloss or matte finishes enhance the feel that you want to give.

Padded Cover/ Tip-on

Below is a leatherette material that has sponge underneath to give it a fuller padded feeling and also to enhance the embossed area, this also has a printed paper that is hand placed and glued in position (tip-on).

Silk Screen

There are some materials that can not be printed using the normal offset printing method, simply because some of these materials may not be run through the standard printing machines. So, we can use the silkscreen method to print on these.


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